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  • Coupe Capsule Metal Chrome - L'Atelier du Vin

    Foil Cutter. Simple and efficient professional tool, with its two circular hardened steel blades, the Foil Cutter cuts all foils cleanly in one simple movement.


  • Bilame Anniversaire - L'Atelier du Vin

    The Bilame twin blade corkscrew, an historical part of L’Atelier du Vin’s range since 1949 (patent date), celebrated its 60th birthday in 2009 and dressed in chrome dor the occasion. The Bilame extracts and leaves the cork intact, even those which are old and fragile. The cork is not pierced, and thus does not crumble. As the legend goes, the Bilame was the favourite tool of wait...


  • Barman - L'Atelier du Vin

    Barman® feels like velvet, and works smooth like velvet. Integrated foil-cutter.


  • Garcon Noir Mat - L'Atelier du Vin

    Nice curves, pleasant handling, easy to take away, here is the perfect Garçon… to open all your bottles!

    How to use it 1. Cut the foil with the cutting wheel that is placed under the corkscrew’s body 2. Position the screw tip at the centre of the cork and twist down to the red dot 3. Firmly hold the leverage arm on the edge of the bottle neck 4. Pull up the handle...


  • Soft Machine Anthracite - L'Atelier du Vin

    Soft Machine extracts the cork from your bottle in only one move, in a completely fluid and continuous way, thanks to its unique gear system. The cork is pulled out vertically, without any torsion or effort, minimising any damage to the cork. 
    How to use it: 1. Cut the foil with the cutting wheel that is placed inside the leverage arm. 2. Screw the spiral drill in ...


  • Coffret du Sommelier - L'Atelier du Vin

    The Sommelier Box Set is the ideal gift set for wine lovers including a barman corkscrew, a drip catcher, hermetic cork and foil cutter.


  • Garcon & Co. - L'Atelier du Vin

    The Garçon® corkscrew and two Stoppers are placed together in the perfect set that helps you open and cork your bottles. The Garçon® corkscrew and the Stopper are available separately too.

    1 chromed metal Garçon corkscrew + 2 Stoppers.


  • Oeno Box Solid Wood - L'Atelier du Vin

    Made from chromed metal and solid wood, the beautifully compact Oeno Box® Solid Wood makes the uncorking of every bottle very fast and very easy.
    - Pleasant and safe handling
    - Adapted to fit every bottle’s neck diameter
    - Integrated foil cutter
    - Spare wire in treated steel


  • Oeno Box Collector - L'Atelier du Vin

    Iconic tools of L’Atelier du Vin for opening, serving and preserving wines and champagnes, all together in a box made of oak, cork and leather. Folded map of Vine-growing Europe included.

    1 Chic Monsieur + 1 ON/OFF Gard’Vin and its sealer + 1 Pourer-leaf + 1 Cork Opener + 1 Foil Cutter + 1 Modèle 54.


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