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  • Couvent des Jacobins 2006

    "Created in the 13th century, the vineyards of Couvent des Jacobins were originally tended by friars. Since it was the Duke of Lancaster who donated the land to the Frères Prêcheurs Jacobins, the property had strong ties with England and the wine was very popular across the Channel. It wasn’t until the 1900s that the friars left Couvent des Jacobins, whereupon it was taken...


  • Château Lassègue 2009

    Ornate sundials adorn the façade of Château Lassègue, a beautiful 18th-century château. This symbol of perfect sun exposure is the inspiration for our logo and represents the message of our wines.


  • Château La Clotte 2015

    The tiny 4-hectare vineyard of Château La Clotte sits just outside the village of St-Émilion. The vineyards are edged by a limestone cliff, in which there are caves – La Clotte is a local Gascon word for "cave dweller" – and these caves have conveniently become cellars for the winery.


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